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Kewee.net ASE Reborn Cluster

featuring QoL settings, minimal mods, and community events

Whitelisted access required from 01 Jan 2024

Minimal QOL MODS

  • Limited Structures+
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • QOL Settings

  • Custom Stacks: 3-5x vanilla for most items
  • Flyer carry and speed leveling enabled
  • Cave building and flyer disabled
  • Structure pickup enabled
  • Player max level 100 (200 fully ascended)
        +75 Island, Scorched, Aberration, Gen 1 & 2
        +10 Collecting all explorer notes
        +5 Chibi-dino-level-ups
        +10 Find 200 Runes on Fjordur
  • Wild dino max level 150 (180 tek, 190 wyvern)
  • Offline protection
  • Kewee.net ASA Cluster

    featuring QoL settings, no mods, and community events

    Closed 26 Jan 2024

    Future of this cluster will be reevalutated later in 2024 depending on the state of the game