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As a direct result of PC Update 41 our server will no longer start, and due to this and low player numbers we are prematurely ending our Kewee.NET Conan Season 2.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed your time on our server…

New: Crystal isles SERVER

Crystal Isles is a stunning, other-worldly map filled with a vibrant display of teeming life scattered amidst its varied landscapes, awe-inspiring floating islands, and breathtaking biomes.

Structures Plus (S+) returning SOON

After seeking feedback from the Kewee.NET community I’ve decided to make S+ building structures the default building structures on our cluster

ARK Eternal VIP Server

Ark Eternal adds 600+ new dinos at its current state, most of them can be tamed in different ways. Some of them can be evolved from creature A to creature B.

22 June – The server has been decommissioned due to crashing/timeout errors


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ARK United QoL Cluster:

United QoL S+ TheIsland
United QoL S+ Ragnarok
United QoL S+ Extinction
United QoL S+ Aberration
United QoL S+ Valguero
United QoL S+ Scorched
United Genesis
United QoL S+ GenesisPT1
United CrystalIsles
United QoL S+ CrystalIsles
United VIP
United QoL S+ VIP

Other Standalone Servers:

none at this time