We have launched a new no mod cluster featuring:

QoL rates 3x gather & XP, 4x taming & breeding
QoL stack sizes same as the united cluster without weight and spoil adjustments
cross save compatible between Steam and Epic clients
no player or dino level changes
– player max 105 without ascensions (155 ascension cap)
– dino wild 150 max with 88 additional leveling levels

At this stage we’re starting with the TheIsland, Scorched, and Aberration maps but plan to add more core ARK story and progression DLC maps starting with Extinction & Genesis …provided there is enough player interest

Server names:
Kewee.NET Classic QoL TheIsland 3xG/XP 4xT/B AU/NZ
Kewee.NET Classic QoL Scorched 3xG/XP 4xT/B AU/NZ
Kewee.NET Classic QoL Aberration 3xG/XP 4xT/B AU/NZ

more to come…

Server settings:
– Crossplay: enabled (steam and epic clients)
– Vivox VoIP: enabled
– Harvest: x3
– XP: x3
– Taming: x4
– Mating, egg hatch, gestation, and baby mature: x4
– Baby imprint per: x4
– Baby cuddle grace period: x4
– Tame and structure decay: x4
– Global spoiling, item and corpse decomposition: x4
– Crop decay speed: x4
– Max players in tribe: 10 (default 70)
– Max personal tamed dinos: 150 (default 40)
– Structure locking: enabled
– Unlimited respecs: enabled
– Corpse locator: enabled
– Map player location: enabled
– Hit markers: enabled
– Gamma command: enabled
– Allow third-person: enabled
– Allow raid dino feeding: enabled
– Allow baby imprint by anyone: enabled
– Structure memory optimizations: enabled
– Offline protection: enabled (with 5 mins cooldown)
– Prevent building in resource rich areas: enabled
– Structure placement collision: disabled
– Undermesh killing: disabled
– Fog: disabled
– Stack size changes: same as United Cluster except no weight change
– Player changes per stat level
– temp/foritude: x2
– weight: x2
– speed: x2
– Dino changes per stat level
– weight: x1.5

all others x1 (or wildcard defaults)