Unfortunately our classic cluster isn’t getting enough player support to warrant keeping it going, and as a result I’ve had to make the hard decision to close the servers. I haven’t set a firm date for the closure, but would like to free up the server resources as soon as possible.

Those of you still actively playing who are working toward a goal, can you please reach out to me asap so we can finalize a closure date that works for everyone.

Those of you like me who enjoy the classic experience – united can be played as “classic” if you ignore the S+ QoL structure engrams. You’re also able to convert the S+ building parts to vanilla if you so desire. The main difference is wild dinos and bosses are stronger, with 300 max spawns and 150 extra levels after tame. Bosses are 50% stronger and have 50% more damage resistance.

Also as an option for any of you that would like to move to united but don’t want to start from scratch – I’m able to move your player over.. Dinos can also be moved, although they’ll be extremely weak on United.