The majority of our classic player base are small tribes with between 1-3 active players. With the vanilla engram distribution a player is only able to earn 5,646 engram points after completing the entire game, leaving -3,654 short of learning everything. As we add DLC maps this is going to become more of a QoL issue.

Today (after server restart) the points per level will be adjusted better support solo and small tribes. Most of these additional points are after ascension with only around %20 before – so ascension will still be required for a player to learn almost everything.. and early game those random drop blueprints will still be useful

Engrams TotalVanilla EarnedClassic Earned
Base game to level 105757135644275
Island Ascension + 15 levels11401422
Chibi + 5 levels280435
Scorched DLC60000
Aberration DLC + 15 levels5576471500
Extinction DLC35300
Genesis DLC + 15 levels219151500