Cluster Reset

With a mix of sadness and excitement for the future we will be closing our United QoL cluster and starting a brand new replacement cluster.

Sadness because the cluster has given us 4 years of fond memories, but also a sense of excitement at all the possibilities a reset unlocks for us as a community..

While starting again seems a bit daunting at first, I hope that you will all come along on this exciting journey with us while we wait for Ark 2.0..

The new cluster – reborn

Our replacement cluster will be started in the coming weeks featuring: QoL settings, minimal mods, and regular planned community weekend events

It’s designed to fix the boss & mission imbalance that we have on the current cluster, and hopefully improve performance to reduce the intermittent lag spikes we often experiance

No longer will you need to mutator/stat breed for months to be competitive against the alpha bosses and ascend into your Ark adventure!

The cluster will start with just TheIsland map, and will be expanded in map story order (We’re aiming to add a map approx. every month and a half)

Reborn cluster opening timeline

~server opening dates are approx. The cluster will be expanded as the majority of the community progresses through the maps

NOWadmin testing configuration
February Reborn TheIsland opening for Public
~April 15ScorchedEarth opening for public
~June 3Aberration opening for public
~July 15Extinction opening for public
~September 2Genesis 1 opening for public
~October 14Genesis 2 opening for public
~December 2Fjordur opening for public

Servers will open early for VIP players – watch discord for your queue to jump on and secure your base spot

United cluster closing timeline

servers will be closed over the next 3 months based on their popularity/importance to the ARK story..

timeline updated 7/4/23 due to player activity

March 6Valguero & Crystal will close
April 15Ragnarok & Lost Island
Aberration, Extinction, Genesis 1, and Scorched will close
June 3Fjordur, Island, Scorched, Aberation, Extinction, Genesis 1 & Genesis 2
Fjordur, The Island, Genesis 2, Ragnarok, and Lost Island will close
TheCenter VIP


Why are we restarting our cluster?
The united cluster is configured difficulty 10 (max level 300 dinos) with additional 150 post tame levels. This created an unbalance where bosses and some genesis events were unachievable without some serious stat breeding or exploits.. The reborn cluster will be near official settings – difficulty 5 with full time EVO 3x rates and other QoL settings and mods.. this brings all game content accessible to everyone without the breading grind…

What about the other DLC maps on the replacement cluster? (Lost Island, Valguero, Crystal Isle, TheCenter, Ragnarok)
These DLC maps don’t add anything to the core ARK story, and often provide shortcuts or meta’s that break the game (in my opinion) For this reason we’ve opted to leave them out – at least until we’ve run all the story maps.

Why does the United cluster have to close?
Unfortunately keeping the cluster alive would fragment our small community, and we don’t have the physical hardware (or admin energy) to run dual clusters on going. We’ve tried this before with the Classic and United clusters, and found hosting 19+ servers is no fun..

I read ARK 1.0 is getting an Engine upgrade soon, will we have to reset again?
The new cluster is designed with minimal mods, and nothing that if removed would affect us in any way

But Kewee, our tribe has planned to do something and your timeline doesn’t work for us
Get in touch, we’ll see if we can’t accommodate what you’re doing somehow.