Welcome to our new community PvP standalone server launching 19 Feb 8pm NZDT

Kewee.NET Community QoL PvP 20xXP/T 5xG

Join link: steam://connect/connect.kewee.net:28029

featuring community voted settings:

  • 20x XP
  • 20x Taming
  • 5x Gather
  • 8x breeding (no imprint bonus)
  • 120 max player level (135 if you beat Rockwell alpha)
  • 300 max dino level (+87 additional dino levels post tame)
  • 2x loot quality
  • Turrets enabled
  • Flyers enabled (except on Aberration)
  • Flyer speed disabled
  • Wipes every 3rd Friday of the month
  • Cryopods 5 min cooldown
  • Offline Raid Protection: 10 minute cooldown
  • Map changed monthly

Many thanks to P_A_P_A for the encouragement and support of this server.

Mod list:

19 Feb (8 PM NZ)Aberration
19 MarTBA
16 AprTBA
21 MayTBA