Windows 10 includes tools to help you use less drive space, one of which is a compression utility called Compact. Normally you would access this through the command line, however now there is an open-source graphical interface available called Compact GUI that makes the built-in utility much easier to use, and less daunting to inexperienced users.

I haven’t noticed any performance issue …if anything it feels a bit faster – and as for the results:  WOW

If you want to give it a go, you can find CompactGUI here

Note, in the CompactGUI wiki states that over time as the games update they will gradually decompress.  However you can run run compact.exe /c /s on the folder afterwards which will mark it so that future files will get compressed..   Not as tight as Xpress, but compressed none the less.

Check here, not all games compress as well as ARK: