We’re hosting another season of Conan Exiles


16 June 2020


Server settings based on official PvE-C rates:

  • Combat mode: Player vs Environment – Conflict
    • Conflict hours 10pm-1am weekdays, 8pm-1am weekends
    • PvP structure damage disabled
  • Decay enabled (approx. 15 days large structures)
  • Characters do not stay in game when logged out
  • Max clan size: 10
  • Max allowed ping: 300
  • Max nudity: Partial   (do not ask for full)
  • Community: Relaxed
  • Experience multiplier: x1
  • Thrall/pet/item conversion multiplier: x1
  • Idle/active thurst/hunger multipliers: x1
  • Gather multiplier: x1
  • Decay multiplier: x1
  • Abandonment multiplier: x10
  • Thrall/Pet Decay: 15 days
  • Purge: Anytime

Server rules:

are the same as Ark with the addition of PvP guidelines, and can be read here: https://kewee.net/server-rules/

Key rules for Kewee.net Exiles:

  • #1 Don’t be a jerk
    those that just want to cause trouble for others – please go somewhere else  
  • Please refrain from using any bad language, cursing, racism, or hate speech.
  • No one likes a chat spammer
  • PvP specific rules (applies during conflict hours)
    • What happens in PvP stays in PvP. Any retaliation, griefing, or revenge on any PvE server on our cluster as a result of something that happened on the PvP server will result in an instant ban, and what constitutes such actions will be reviewed on a case by case basis and solely at the discretion of the admins. Also, any insults, threats, harassment, or disrespectful behavior towards players on our Discord are unacceptable and will result in either a kick or ban from Discord. Keep interactions civil on Discord
    • Admins will not interfere with gameplay, except to fix or correct something caused by a bug, i.e. stuck dinos / players, issues with building ownership changing from one player or tribe to another erroneously, etc. We will not replace any items, builds, or dinos lost to PvP.
    • There are no restrictions on PvP, with the exception of the prohibition of hacks, exploits, or any other forms of cheating. Players and tribes suspected of such actions will be disciplined by the admins on a case by case basis, with punishment being up to and including a ban.