New S+ TEK end game structures coming to our United cluster this Christmas!

S+ Item Aggregator – Level 145 unlocked
Collects & distributes many items from & to many different things.

S+ Vivarium – Level 150 unlocked
Place filled cryopods inside to generate unfertilized eggs, poop & many other resources*
* Resources can only be collected by an S+ Item Aggregator

S+ Laboratory – Level 155 unlocked
Can craft Items at a high rate with a higher output than the S+ Chemistry Bench.

S+ Tek Cooking Pot – Level 160 unlocked
Produces twice the output for the same recipe

S+ Tek Stove – Level 165 unlocked
Cooks meat instantly and can make jerky.

S+ Autocrafter – Level 170 unlocked
Place another crafting station inside and this will automatically craft any recipe selected from the inserted crafting station.

S+ Tek Forge – level 175 unlocked
Instantly smelt metal into ingots, wood into charcoal, organic polymer into polymer & condensed gas into gas balls.

S+ Tek Refrigerator – level 180 unlocked
Can fill water containers & resets the spoil timer of items placed inside