Quick F.A.Q of common known issues with ARK and ARK mods… Check here to see if your issue is covered before contacting for admin support.


Can’t find the servers in the server browser



Transferring at drops/obelisks

Obelisks are a great tool for transferring your survivor, items, and dinos! Please remember to always take precautions when transferring to avoid unexpected losses!

Never use the obelisk for storing your dinos. Obelisks are used for transferring items, dinos, and characters. The amount of time it keeps data in loaded is limited. As such, using the obelisk as a storage box can cause the data to be lost when you attempt to download it.


How to merge tribes

  1. As the founder of your tribe, you must kick everyone else in your tribe using the “Remove Player From Tribe” option. You must be the ONLY member of your tribe remaining.
    At this point, you want to make sure you have discussed the terms of your tribe merge, including how the new tribe’s governance is handled.  Tribe merging is a big deal. It’s like getting married except you cannot have your things back unless the tribe says so.
  2. After you have made the decision to merge into another tribe, have the founder or admin of the new tribe invite the owner of the old tribe. When accepting the tribe invitation, select the “Merge Tribe” option on the right hand side of the wheel. DO NOT SELECT JOIN TRIBE! If you select Join tribe there is a high chance of losing access to dinosaurs and buildings!
  3. Verify the tribe has been merged successfully, and that all the dinosaurs and buildings are now under the ownership of the new tribe. Invite back anyone you wish to join the newly merged tribe!


I forgot to merge my tribe and I lost everything!

If you try to merge your tribe, and you forget and click “Join” instead, you may find yourself in the tribe you tried to merge with but do not have access to your old stuff. Following these steps should help you get it back without the help of an admin in game. Try these steps and see if this works for you:

  • Have the owner of the tribe that you merged into “kick” you out of tribe
    (do not remove your self, you must be kicked by the owner)
  • Once you are tribeless, log out of the server and back in
  • Once you have relogged back into the server, you should be owner of your old tribe.
  • You then have control over your old tribe again and try merging again if you wish.


My corpse bag is empty

This is a known bug on some modded servers (annunaki genesis and extinction core for example).

  • Hold E on your corpse and select the second access inventory option on the right.
  • Use corpse finder nearby your bag to transfer the items to you.  From a distance it will point to your corpse.
  • place a personal tombstone beside your bed to transfer your items from your corpse to you.


I can’t find my tame

Tames sometimes teleport randomly when you leave render range, especially from the redwoods area on TheCenter map.  Other times they may wander off or die when attacked by a wild dino.

  • Check your tribe log for a death notice.
  • Ask Kewee to locate the tame for you using his dino locator tool.


My whistle keys aren’t working

This occurs intermittently with the Extinction Core mod.

  • Unequip your tools with Q, then punch the air with left click


Mod mismatch error connecting to a server:

  • Restart your steam client, this sometimes triggers mod/client updates to download
  • Your client may have updated already, but the server hasn’t.  As the server automatically checks for updates every hour, on the hour, wait until 15 min past the hour and try again.
  • Have you changed steam users recently on your PC? If a mod is updated while another steam user is logged in then mod mismatch can occur. Steam thinks the updated mod is out-of-date, but won’t download it because the files are up-to-date. Resolution: Find and delete the mod folder and .mod file in steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods.  Steam will redownload the deleted mods.

If you know of any others that would be worth sharing with everyone else, please let Kewee know via PM, or the forums.