Surprise, we’ve made the decision to open character transfers early on: Friday 15 July 2022 (from 6pm)


Dino and Item transfers will remain closed until 13 September.

Our Mods and I will be available over the weekend to help you merge your cluster character into your tribe, and transfer your breeding imprints if required

WARNING: If you’re already on Fjordur:

  • your Fjordur character will be overwritten when you transfer your cluster character
    (anything remaining in your inventory will be lost forever)
  • your transferred cluster character will not have access to your Fjordur tribe until a tribe admin member reinvites you to the tribe, or you are admin merged back in

Steps to successfully transferring your cluster character onto Fjordur:

  • arrange someone with tribe admin access to be on Fjordur to help you back into your Fjordur tribe
  • transfer everything from your Fjordur characters inventory into a box
  • leave your Fjordur tribe
  • kill your Fjordur character (run around and a dino will be happy enough to eat you)
  • exit to the main menu while on the respawn screen
  • join the server with your cluster character
  • transfer everything from your inventory into a box
  • transfer to Fjordur naked at the nearest drop, obelisk, or tek transmitter.
    (on joining you will be warned you will overwrite your existing character – ok this message)
  • Rejoin your Fjordur tribe (with help either from a mod/admin or another tribe admin member)

Mod/Admin Support Request Form:

Please complete the following form if you would like mod/admin support to:

  • merge your cluster character into your Fjordur tribe
  • transfer imprints to your cluster character

Also please wait until someone confirms your booking via discord

[contact-form-7 id=”3445″ title=”Character Move Request”]