Welcome to our new community focused cluster: Kewee.net reborn

Kewee.net reborn

featuring: QoL settings, minimal mods, and regular planned community weekend events

Cluster QoL configuration

Minimal QoL Settings/Mods
Limited Structures+ (see below)
Awesome Spyglass
Custom Stacks: 3-5x vanilla for most items
Flyer carry and speed leveling enabled
Cave building and flyer disabled
Structure pickup enabled

player max level 200
100 without ascension
+75 Island, Scorched, Aberration, Genesis ascensions
+10 Collecting all explorer notes
+5 Chibi-dino-level-ups
+10 Find 200 Runes (Fjordur)

wild dino max level 150 (180 tek, 190 wyvern)
+74 taming affinity
+88 additional tamed leveling

offline protection
5 mins cooldown

Full time “EVO event boosted” Rates:

Breeding cooldown50%

Max Armor and Damage:

Cloth/Hide/Fur Armor188 Armor
Ghillie Armor158.7 Armor
Flak Armor496 Armor
Riot Armor570.4 Armor
Tek Armor714.6 Armor
Saddles124 Armor
Weapons298% Damage

Weekend community events

boss and map ascension
We’ll group up to do caves and clear map bosses.. Everyone will be able to attend as OP breed dinos won’t be required

explorer note clearing
Exploration events where we’ll find and clear explorer notes together.. Great oportunity to level dinos

dino hunts
As a community we’ll hold dino hunt events where you’ll be able to hunt and tame exclusive DLC and event dinos

  • we’ll provide taming resources as part of the event when needed
  • these will be later in our Ark journey in line with their original release

Community & server progression

Our reborn cluster is launching with just The Island map

~February 25 – TheIsland

The cluster will be expanded (servers unlocked) as the community progresses through our ARK reborn journey
(dates are estimated / flexible)

~April 15 – ScorchedEarth
~June 3 – Aberration
~July 15 – Extinction
~September 2 – Genesis 1
~October 14 – Genesis 2
~December 2 – Fjordur

VIP’s have a weeks early access to The Island, and 24 hours early access to all other servers.

Limited Structures+ for QoL

Structures+ has been tweaked to include only the resource pull feature and core QoL stuctures.

All vanilla Ark structures are available along with their S+ counterparts.

S+ unique structures
Crafting Station
Chibi and Dermis Display
Farmercollect distribute fert
Gardenercollect veges
Hatcherycollect & raise eggs
Item Collector
Nannyauto imprint
Multi and Omni Tools
S+ Vanilla improved structures

Vanilla structures can be converted to their S+ equivilent using the S+ converter table.


Why have we restarted our cluster?
The united cluster was configured difficulty 10 (max level 300 dinos) with additional 150 post tame levels. This created an unbalance where bosses and some genesis events were unachievable without some serious stat breeding or exploits.. The reborn cluster is near official settings – difficulty 5 with full time EVO 3x and other QoL settings and mods.. this brings all game content accessible to everyone without the breading grind…

What about the other DLC maps and their exclusive dinos (Lost Island, Valguero, Crystal Isle, TheCenter, Ragnarok)?
These DLC maps don’t add anything to the core ARK story, and often provide shortcuts or meta’s that break the game (in my opinion) For this reason we’ve opted to leave them out – at least until we’ve run all the story maps.

What is a dino hunt event?
As a community we’ll hold dino hunt events where you’ll be able to hunt and tame exclusive DLC and event dinos
we’ll provide resources as part of the event where needed – eg: crystal for the crystal wyverns

Why have we excluded the S+ Tek Structures? (aggregator, vivarium, tek forge, fridge, cooker, etc.)
This playthrough is about game completion as a community (explorer note collection, boss completion, and ascension) and without the “grind” of before the Tek structures weren’t important for this playthrough. These may be added after we’ve completed the playthrough.