We’ve recently discovered that our player and dino level XP curves are way out line with game defaults, which explains why we’re levelling though the end game so quickly…

You can see this clearly when you compare the XP progression curves side by side.
see graphs down below comparing United current to Official

To correct this we will be changing the following back to Official defaults:

  • player max level,
  • player and dino XP curves,
  • player engram points per level

note: We will be retaining our extra 62 after tame dino levels – although they will be harder to acquire

Max levels after the change will be:

  • Player without ascension max Level 105 (4,098,538 XP) – was 120 (1,799,724 XP)
  • Player with ascension max Level 180 (1,529,545,000 XP) – was 195 (5,549,724 XP)
  • Dino after tame levels +150 (22,213,960 XP) – was +149 (1,201,800 XP)

Your character and tames won’t lose levels, however the next level up will be much higher XP requirement.

Your character will likely lose levels if you mindwipe.

But don’t worry, we’ll be having XP Boost events to help you gain some of those lost levels back…

TIP’s for faster leveling:

  • Store idle dinos in your cryofridge when not in use
  • Sleep in a Tek bed
  • Crafting, Killing, and Harvesting give max XP
  • Use mission completion and explorer note XP to your advantage

Ways to ascend past level 105 up to level 180

  • Ascend Island +15 levels
  • Ascend Aberation +15 levels
  • Ascend Genesis Part 1 +15 levels
  • Ascend Genesis Part 2 +15 levels
  • Unlock all Explorer notes +10 levels
  • Level an event chibi (alpha kills) +5 levels

To find your approximate new level after the change find your existing level along the bottom – the blue line/left axis will show the new level. note: the actual new level will vary depending on how ascended you are.

Player Progression comparison:

Dino Progression comparison: