Launched Friday 29 Nov, our new Primitive PvP duo addition to Kewee.NET – featuring the Island and no flyer taming.

Come join the early game beach wars.


  • The Island


  • Primitive PvP enabled
    • No fabricator or late game Tek
    • Flyer taming disabled
  • 2 man tribes
    • Tribe alliances disabled
  • Structures
    • Offline Rad Protection enabled with 15 minute logout delay
    • 3x structure resistance and damage
    • 6x cave damage
  • Standalone to United QoL Cluster
    • Player transfer disabled
    • Item and Dino transfer disabled
  • Server Rates
    • 3x Gather
    • 3x Experience
    • 6x Taming
    • 6x Breeding and Maturation