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Kewee.NET United QoL Cluster

Valguero (new 19 June)
Genesis PT1 (new 26 Feb)
Talamh VIP
Scorched Earth (new 27 July)
Genesis PT2 (est ????)

Minimal Mod list

Steam mod list

PvE Server rates

  • 3x Taming
  • 3x Egg Hatch and Maturation
  • 2x Experience
  • 2x Gathering

Kewee.NET Standalone Servers

Kewee.NET Exiles PvE AU/NZ

Conan Exiles

  • Combat mode: Player vs Environment
  • Decay enabled (approx. 30 days large structures)
  • Characters do not stay in game when logged out
  • Max clan size: 10
  • Max allowed ping: 300
  • Max nudity: Partial (do not ask for full)
  • Community: Relaxed
  • Experience multiplier: x1
  • Thrall/pet/item conversion multiplier: x1
  • Idle/active thurst/hunger multipliers: x1
  • Gather multiplier: x1
  • Purge: Anytime

Full Server Details

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