Server Rules

Our server rules

last updated: 24 September, 2020

Our ultimate goal is to build a local ANZ community of like minded and friendly players. These rules are to help build a healthy community. 

Community won’t happen by itself – we need you!
If there is something that you don’t like, or would like to see changed: please speak up and let me know

The rules are subject to change without notification, though I will do my best to ensure that major changes are communicated clearly via the Kewee.NET discord server.

Failure to abide by these rules can result in the admin removal of your structures/items/tames, or your account being banned from all Kewee.NET Servers. Action taken is at the sole discretion of the admin.

This list is not exhaustive but represents clear guidelines for players to adhere to when playing on our servers. For something you’re unsure of, please use your best judgement. When in doubt, please reach out to @TheKewee on discord or in game.

online multiplayer games thrive with community spirit, and are way more fun with others …so please don’t ruin your experience by driving others away!


#1 Don’t be a jerk
those that just want to cause trouble – please go play somewhere else

Please refrain from using any bad language, cursing, racism, or hate speech.
This is a family friendly community – any insults, threats, harassment, or disrespectful behavior towards players either in game or on our Discord channels are unacceptable and will result in an instant ban.

No offensive character, tribe or tame names
You will be asked to change your name if the admin deems them inappropriate.

Admins will not interfere with gameplay
Admins will not replace any items or dinos lost to game bugs.
Admins play the game too, but will make best effort to help resolve unexpected issues (stuck dinos/players, structure/tribe ownership issues, etc. )

Wildcard’s official Code of Conduct applies on our servers
The official code of conduct applies on our servers. Please review the guidelines here:

PvE Stealing/looting is not allowed
Structures are locked by default. Please check with the owner of unlocked structures before taking any contents (unless there is signage offering the contents)
Player corpses and death bags remain the property of the owner are not to be looted by anyone not assisting the owner

Help other players without affecting their progression/sense of achievement
Giving lower level players items & dinos above their level doesn’t help their game progression and sense of achievement. It’s much better to help and guide them to progress to the next level using the tools and tames available to them. Players that are given everything early often give up early because they haven’t learnt the game basics and haven’t set progressional goals


Each tribe should have no more than 1 main base per server
Exceptions for larger tribes should be discussed with admin

Small outposts are allowed provided they’re actively in use
Outposts should remain small and not block prime main base locations. Please don’t be offended if you’re asked to relocate an outpost.

Keep your base area minimal with no land claiming around
Fencing around bases should be limited to space needed, and should not block access to the area/resources/paths through etc.. Cryofridges should be used for long term dino storage.

Building in restricted areas is not permitted on PvE servers
Restricted areas include spawn locations, loot drop locations, artifact caves, obelisks/city terminals, city ramp and through area access ways, and all high value resource areas

Temporary structures and abandoned bases should be removed immediately after use
This includes all trap and protection structures used when taming

Temporary land claiming with Foundations/Pillars
Land claim foundations/pillars must be removed within 48 hours

Node collectors must be unlocked or removed within 48 hours on PvE servers
Included: Oil Pumps and Gas Collectors
Not included: Tree Sap collectors

Beaver dams – Please take everything, or drop what you don’t need 
otherwise they won’t respawn… no-one wants to open a dam only to find your unwanted wood inside!

Do not build next to another tribe without checking with them first
The existing tribe may have expansion plans

Public use structures must be approved by admin
This includes unlocked taming pens, community centers, etc

Do not use structure exploits
Basic test: if it defies gravity or immersion – don’t do it…


Do not leave tames auto breeding without player supervision
Always disable mating/wander when breeding is completed.

Do not leave tames on wander without player supervision
Tames found on wandering causing nuisance will be admin destroyed without warningRepeat offending will attract a tribe dino wipe.

Do not use cryopods in boss arenas, including TEK volcano cave. Cryopods may be used in artifact caves
Cryopods should be disabled in all boss arenas. We are aware of a small area in the TEK cave where cryopods are able to be used. It’s my option that this is a mistake, and therefore should not be used.

Do not use flyers in any artifact caves
if a you can’t fly in the cave entry then you shouldn’t be flying anywhere in the cave. Caves that you are able to build in are not artifact no fly caves.

Long term unused or unwanted tames
Please either euthanize or cryo store any tames that aren’t regularly used. Do not unclaim and abandon unwanted dinos

CAUTION: Always make sure your Cryofridge is powered before opening. ARK has a known calculation issue when opening unpowered fridges.


Support is best effort
Please contact @TheKewee on discord for urgent support, or to report abandoned bases/rule breakers.


Cheating, griefing, and intentionally using bug exploits will lead to a permanent ban across all servers.
punishment is up to the discretion of the admin

examples are not limited to but can include:

– Dragging another player not in your tribe while they’re offline
– Intentionally using wild creatures to destroy a player’s assets/tames when not in a tribe war.
– Structure Spamming – placing structures down for the purpose of disrupting others gameplay
– Leaving tames inside of caves or on obelisk teleportation platforms
– Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames (such as Dodo, Jerboa, or easy to tame dinos) and/or rafts
– Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc)
– Obstructing pathways or waterways for the purpose of denying another tribe access
– Blocking access in/out of a tribes base
– Blocking in other tribes dinos

“A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways.”

– using third-party programs such as in-game automated bots, ESP, Aimbots, and Game Engine Modifications.

– Attacking from, travelling through, or building in unintended game-zones (under the mesh or above the map)
– Duplication of tames, items, or characters
– Unintended building mechanics (such as floating structures, using the world barrier as a snap point)
– Building a box on a platform saddled dino to completely prevent it from taking damage
– Modifying your game files to remove key graphical components (water, fog, etc)
– Attacking or blocking players through the terrain with dinosaurs
– Intentionally crashing users or servers (through DDoS or otherwise)
– Placing excessive quantities of C4 to prevent hostile C4 from being placed
– Stacking multiple creatures inside each other’s models via raising babies close together, teleporting them near each other, downloading them, etc (ex: multiple brontos in a 1×1 foundation area)
– Floating structures or structures that extend past normal building limits on platform saddles or rafts for PVP purposes

update log:
24/09/20 – Removed PvP rules