After seeking feedback from the Kewee.NET community I’ve decided to make S+ building structures the default building structures on our cluster

QoL tools mod has served our cluster well. It was developed to remove the clutter of having both vanilla and S+ building engrams. At the time we chose to use Vanilla structures as S+ didn’t support Structure Memory Optimizations.

With the latest changes to Structures+ we’re now able to switch back from QoL tools and use either Vanilla or S+ building structures the developer has finally renamed all name clashing S+ structures and the mod now supports Structure Memory Optimizations

Important Notes:

  • Existing QoL structures will become S+ structures.
  • Existing vanilla structures will remain as placed. You can either:
    • leave them as the are.
    • If extending/changing your builds you have several options:
      • snap S+ to the old vanilla structure (S+ to vanilla snapping may not deliver expected results)
      • continue building in vanilla. Use the S+ converter table to convert S+ to vanilla
      • pick up the vanilla structures and convert to S+ using the S+ converter table and rebuild
      • demo and rebuild in S+
  • S+ foundations provide an additional 2 squares building support
  • ALL DLC map items can be learned on any map (scorched, extinction, aberration, genesis exclusives)
  • Some S+ engrams and functions will not be available on our cluster. Initially these are:
    • AutoCrafter
    • AutoTurrets (Plant, Ballista, Cannon, Flame, Minigun, Rocket, Tranq)
    • Crystal Cracker
    • GachaGavager
    • Item Translocator
    • Mannequin
    • PlanetShield
  • Platforms+ engrams are disabled.
    • Existing Platforms+ structures will remain.
    • Platforms+ structures can’t be converted to S+
    • Use the new S+ tree and cliff platform structures for new builds.
    • S+ platforms have different/improved snaps – demo and rebuild is recommend if you’re mid-build.
  • TEK Generator, Shield, and Transmitter are not allowed on mobile platforms/rafts or skiffs.
    • This was a bug in the previous QoL/S+ release where the ini’s were ignored. Please remove if you have these on existing platforms/rafts/skiffs.

Features of S+:

– No building height limit
– Foundations are stackable
– Ceilings snap flush with foundations
– Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
– Sloped walls can snap to the bottom of walls & ceilings
– Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
– Gateways snap in line with fence foundations
– Storage boxes snap to each other
– Wires & pipes can be hidden & verticals are only 1 wall high
– Large & behemoth walls (4 tall & 12 tall)
– Numerous snap points cleaned up
– All noisy structures are silent
– All crafting stations can be locked & pin coded
– All gas only structures can also use electricity
– All gates, doors & trapdoors can auto open & close (with various settings)
– More config options than anybody wants to read!

“Integrated Resource Pulling”
Resource pulling directly integrated into the ARK inventory UI so its available in everything! All dinos, structures & yourself. Pull specific resources, pull enough to craft a certain number of the selected blueprint or enough to repair the selected item.

Updated Vanilla Structures

– Fence Foundations (new snap points, provide foundation support)
– Pillars (3 sizes: 1, 3 & 5 walls high, do not protrude through ceilings)
– Ladders (can be locked to tribe only, instant climb via config)
– Ramps (1 wall high by 1 foundation long, railings can be snapped to the edges, stair model variant)
– Railings (when snapped to ramp uses a sloped model)
– Staircases (1 wall high with a 90 degree twist, can flip direction)
– Feeding Trough (adjustable range config, can set specific dino types to feed)
– Standing & Wall Torch (doesn’t use fuel, flame can be dyed, automatically turns on/off, adjustable intensity)
– Domesticated Bee Hive (doesn’t harm players, will water nearby crop plots)
– Elevators (tracks resized to 1 wall tall, platforms to 1×1, 3×2 & 5×3, can set stops, better snapping to foundations)
– Electrical Outlet (can be hidden, sparks disabled & connecting wires hidden)
– Industrial Grinder (turn on/off in inventory, can grind/craft all at once, can make map specific resources)
– Air Conditioner (thinner, more powerful, larger range & can snap to window walls)
– Tek Transmitter (allows teleportation to boss arenas, can display the level & location of all dinos on the map)
– Tek Generator (can be placed on rafts/saddles)
– Tek Teleporter (smaller model, adjustable teleportation radius, can be placed on rafts/saddles)
– Tek Shield Generator (can be powered by a tek gen, destroying shield doesn’t destroy structure, shield respawns 1 hour after destruction & regens health 10 min after taking damage, radiation protection)
– Cloning Chamber (keeps imprint & assigned stat points, keeps cloning progress if power is lost)
– Underwater Compartment (resized, removed internal pillars, snap points for walls & ceilings, flood/drain on demand, doesnt require power, can be placed on rafts/saddles & land, radiation protection, sloped version)
– Tek Leash (can hide radius circle, removed pulsing red ring, doesn’t require power)
– Taxidermy Bases (snaps to floors/ceiling/roofs, can change/remove base, change rotation after placement, hide flyer support pole & adjust scale)
– Tek Bridge (thinner model, placeable on structures, can connect tree platforms)

Unique Structures

– Full Glass tier (metal strength, greenhouse effect, adjustable transparency & up to 16 model variations each)
– Flexible Pipes & Wires (connects nearby pipes & wires even if they are not aligned)
– Internal Pipes & Wires (snaps invisibly to foundations, ceilings, walls & pillars)
– Fence Supports (do not follow ground level which allows for level fences)
– Dynamic Pillars (adjustable length, angle & thickness)
– Dynamic Gates & Gateways (choose size during placement, up to 12 walls high or wide)
– Seamless Crop Plot (square/triangle, can toggle visibility of sides)
– Expanded set of hatchframes (4×4 & sloped variants)
– Dedicated Storage (holds 10,000 slots of a single resource, snaps to foundations/ceilings, can deposit into by hitting it)
– Dedicated Storage Intake (deposits resources from you or your dino to any nearby S+ Dedicated Storages)
– Tek Storage (snaps to foundations/ceilings, can label sides)
6 auto turrets (Flamethrower, Tranq, Minigun, Ballista, Cannon & Rocket)
Blueprint Maker (turns any structure into a blueprint)
– Converter (converts any vanilla item to its S+ counterpart & vica versa)
– Multi Lamp (attachs to any surface, adjustable color & intensity, automatically turns on/off, can have a secondary color set to make it blink)
– Item Collector (picks up poop, paste, pearls, unfertilized eggs, gacha crystals & owl pellets, distributes poop, crystals & pellets to dung beetles/compost bins, S+ Crystal Crackers & S+ Animal Tenders respectively)
– Hatchery (picks up fertilized eggs & incubates them, boosts the egg production of nearby dinos)
– Animal Tender (collects items from dinos, distributes owl pellets to nearby gachas)
– Nanny (feeding trough for babies, imprints nearby dinos to match their maturation)
– Farmer (collects fertilizer from compost bins/dung beetles & distributes it to nearby crop plots)
– Gardener (collects produce from crop plots)
– Hitching Post (prevents any attached dino from moving even if set to wander)
Mannequin (fully customizable character, can equip armor & pose)
– Tek Elevator (instantly teleports you up/down, has triangle version)
– Repulser Pad (launches you when jumped off, adjustable direction & force)
– Charge Station (drains nearby charge pets to fill charge batteries)
– Charge Injector (uses charge batteries to protect from the nameless)
– Element Catalyzer (crafts element, requires placement in liquid element)
Personal Teleporter (teleport to any teleporter or drop a beacon that others can teleport to)
– Mutator (7 different pulses that affect dinos in different ways: Mutation, Gender Assignment, Gender Swap, Allow Breeding, Age Freeze, Corrupting & Aberrant)
– Vivarium (stores up to 10 dinos, stored dinos will produce eggs & poop)
– Auto Crafter (can mimic most crafting stations & produce items instantly)
Gacha Gavager (fills the linked Gacha’s inventory, Gachas fed this way are not saddened by being close to other gachas, their mate boost range is increased & they can’t move)
Crystal Cracker (automatically opens Gacha crystals, can upload to dedicated storage)
Planetary Shield (stops meteors from impacting the map)
– Incinerator (destroys items placed in its inventory)
– Dyeria (creates dyes, doesn’t need water, creates more dye than normal)
– Repair Station (can repair anything)
– Tek Stove (instantly cooks meat, can make jerky)
– Tek Forge (instantly smelts metal into ingots, wood into charcoal, organic polymer into polymer & congealed gas into gas balls, can also craft element between its 3 forms)
– Tek Cooking Pot (gets water like crop plots, uses less water when crafting & can make beer that doesn’t use/give a water jar)
– Tek Fridge (resets the spoil timer of items, fills water containers & can make iced water)
– Laboratory (combines chemistry bench with the resource conversion from the grinder & can make fertilizer)
Item Translocator (send items to a linked item translocator, can be set to auto-send items)
– Tek Glass Wall/Ceiling/Roof (adjustable transparency, greenhouse effect)