We have a VIP supporter option for those who are able to help financially support running our servers.

Kewee.net is non-profit, and as such all donations go toward our server running and maintenance costs.

Our servers are, and will always be, entirely free to play. Please do not feel as if you need to support us..

Just playing on our servers and being an active apart of our community is supporting our community and it’s growth!

As a thank-you for financially supporting the running of our servers you’ll be given:

  • optional VIP discord status
  • access to our VIP supporter discord channel,
  • VIP server access, currently Kewee.NET United QoL TheCenter (VIP restricted)
  • early access to new Reborn cluster servers as we roll them out

Here’s how to donate using the paypal website:

Goto Paypals Send Money/Payment
Enter our email address (kewee@outlook.co.nz) as the recipient and click Next.
Enter the amount, choose the currency, add your steam or discord username as the (optional) note and click Continue.
If available, choose your payment type.
Choose how you want to pay and click Next.
Review the information and click Send Payment Now.

thanks for your support,